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Final Fantasy Oblivion Chapter 7 progress report

2007-07-17 19:26:36 by SneakyBrothers


This upgrade is really awesome so I have to try some of these new features! (like this news posting)

I've been making good progress lately. I'm working on the sixth scene right now so I'm about half a way through making the movie. Characters from Kingdom Hearts will be heavily making appearances in the next chapter, but so are Final Fantasy characters too.
I'm using actionscript to control the conversation scenes and I'm thrilled because it's so much fun! It's nothing special, really simple stuff but I'm just glad I finally learned to do something practical with it. The 16k frame limit bothers me no more since I can exceed it. I'm more concerned about the file size though. I just couldn't reduce the music quality any lower so it wouldn't sound... well... too mono. I have to look into it.

Anyway... Great, great upgrade to this site! Thank you newgrounds!

Final Fantasy Oblivion Chapter 7 progress report


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2007-07-25 22:04:57

Believe it or not, I'm a fan of FF: Oblivion. Rock on!


2007-09-02 16:33:33

Me too


2007-09-16 17:10:01



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