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Final Fantasy Oblivion Chaper 7 progress report 2

2007-10-09 15:23:40 by SneakyBrothers

Hi newgrounds!

Finally all of the exams are over! I finally had the time to continue making this movie. It's still going to take more time to finish it but I hope I'll finish it this year, because I'll be in the finnish army from 6 to 12 months next year (yeah we have conscription in Finland).

So what did I do today? I scripted and actionscripted one dialog and animated it. The scene is not finished though but still... almost finished. Then I made some special effects or rather re-did some which I felt unsatisfied.
With this animation I'm trying to avoid past mistakes and achieve some real improvement. Well... I've tried that before too but this time I want to succeed in doing so. It just so happens that this is a very important chapter in the series because the story will finally get into a breaking point, so... there will be an enourmous amount of dialog. And because of that it has been difficult to keep it interesting. So I've tried to follow the reviewers' suggestions and advices, so thanks to all of you who have encouraged me and gave me constructive critisisim and even the benefit of doubt. Unfortunately one single chapter cannot repair everything, but it's a step forward!

Final Fantasy Oblivion Chaper 7 progress report 2


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2007-10-10 12:22:21

i can't wait till it comes out, good luck with the army man

SneakyBrothers responds:



2009-05-05 23:30:44

hey man its been a while since you've submitted a flash you still think your finishing. If not i know how ya feel. I've been working on my last one for 3 years now...kinda sad really lol


2009-06-30 12:07:41

But seriously, he need's to finish.